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Pryor Dental Laboratories is a well established practice in a small purpose built environment, with parking at the door and an uncompromising attitude to the provision of high quality full and partial dentures, dental prosthesics and occlusal restorative appliances, direct to the patient and to other dental professionals.

We have been in Petone since 1991, moving out of Courtenay Place where we had been for 20 years providing a full service throughout New Zealand and as far a field as Fiji and Australia. At that time we had a staff of 10 fully qualified technicians and 3 or 4 ancillary part timers. Here in Petone there is only Ken and Steve but between them they have a total of 118 years experience and still provide a full service although it is mainly direct to the public.

Ken Pryor started as a dental technician in England in 1943, emigrated to NZ in 1953 to work in the dental department at Wellington Hospital. Ken has been in business since 1961. Ken has been a member of the Dental Technicians Board for 30 years and vice chairman for 6 years. He was one of two foundation tutors that established the first Dental Technology course at the C.I.T. the forerunner of the diploma course.

Ken's Experience was again called on to be an examiner for clinical registration of Technicians countrywide during 1990, working with Professor John Burton from Otago Dental School. Steve Russell, after a career change, started with Ken as a Dental Technician in 1973' completing the first C.I.T. Dental Technology course in 1976 and achieving Clinical registration in 1991. We are frequently used as a consultative service on all aspects of dental technology by those in the industry and related fields.

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